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The materials presented below were developed as part of the GAEA project, specifically as part of the Work Package 3, subtitled “GAEA learning resources development.” GAEA aimed to contribute to developing innovative and multidisciplinary training resources based on the needs which GAEA partners identified for the following four materials: 2 curricula, one at HE and one at VET level, learning materials for professionals’ training, and learning materials for micro-credentials training. Thus, the materials were developed in accordance with the outline and needs developed in WP2.

The training materials below include various types of learning materials, such as short presentations, notes, good practices presentations, online resources, case studies, training activities, peer exercises, assessment tasks etc. The materials are presented in the following order. First, the HE curriculum material, followed by the VET curriculum material, followed by the learning material for professionals’ training, and finally, the training materials for micro-credentials training.

To download the training material click here

To download the GAEA Short Handbook for VET Trainers click here.

To read the training material in the project partners’ languages click below
(The reports will be uploaded soon in all project partners’ languages)

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