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Prios Kompetanse AS (Prios) from Steinkjer, Norway is a research-based corporation which aims to implement the idea of lifelong learning, support and conduct development projects. The center is open to all who wish to develop their talents, refresh their knowledge, improve their business, needs new or better digital tools or have ideas in need for support to be fulfilled. 
The main sectors and activities is:
  -    Educational activities focused on adult learners and labor market service within basic skills training, VET, 
entrepreneurship training and tailored training for businesses. 
  -    Software support for their educational activities as well as developing new digital solutions based upon requests and needs in different projects, we participate in. For instance, Prios have developed and own the Follow-Up® concept.  
Consulting activities mostly supports business clients within internal innovation processes, HR processes, economical advises and management improvements.

Union of Hungarian Women Association – UHW

The Association is an NGO, established in 2013 with 17 founding members, on the initiative of Margit Batthyány-Schmidt, who also serves as its president.
The UHW was formed to integrate successful national practices in Hungary, focusing on the empowerment of rural women and families. The Association undergoes constant development, which allow the institution to broaden the horizons: it is currently reaching more than 5000 people directly and participate in around 200 events every year. 
In the framework of its social innovations, the UHW primarily addresses women in the countryside. Its mission is to create and maintain active communication channels between these women and policy makers, chambers, state institutions and other non-governmental organizations nationwide. Moreover, the NGO is functioning as mentor, coordinator and advocate, through generating and moderating social discourse. 


The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague is not just one of the leading European institutions in the field of life sciences, but a place of innovative scientific research and discovery. It is situated on a beautifully landscaped campus, with modern and spacious dormitories, canteen, student clubs, central library, cutting edge IT technology and state of the art laboratories. CZU is also a member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences. CZU is one of the top ten public universities in the CZ and is repeatedly the best-rated university in the terms of sustainability and social responsibility according to the international ranking.


SoWiBeFo is a association of experienced researchers, scientists and citizens, who are interested in supporting societal development and sustainability by means of social research. It aims to support action research in lifelong learning entrepreneurialism and regional development. The association has currently 23 members with a combined experience in relevant action research projects of more than 200 years. SoWiBeFo e.V. has been founded in 2009. Core experts of SoWiBeFo have focused on internal evaluation and quality assurance of development projects in the field of entrepreneurship, regional, incl. rural development, workplace learning, digital learning and Learning Region approaches for various organisations. SoWiBeFo has implemented major projects for the German Ministry of Education and research on Digital Learning (, demography management (DEMOCLUST), creating trust and cooperation in networks (INNOinSENS). The project DEMOCLUST focused on demographic change in rural and peripherial areas, fostering entrepreneurship in these areas has been among the project recommendations. SoWiBeFo experts have been involved in major projects such as  “Learning Region” “EQUAL partnership Tourism Oberland” among other 50 projects in the LLL and Erasmus+ program implemented and evaluated. As in GAEA, in all of these projects the SoWiBeFo experts have been in the role of internal evaluation and quality assurance, with a strong formative perspective, which aims to effectuate an immediate impact on the project developments, along a “critical friend” (Fricke) approach.


INCOMA is a training and research centre based in Seville (Spain) with extensive know-how and experience in the development and coordination of international cooperation projects mainly funded within the framework of EU programmes, especially in the field of education, training and research.
Our activity is especially devoted to the development of social innovation projects, with a special focus on training targeting groups at risk or with special difficulties to enter the labour market, namely young people, women and migrants.


GrantXpert Consulting has been operating in Cyprus since the beginning of 2009, after Dr. Celia Hadjichristodoulou, the Founder and General Manager of the company, secured funding by achieving first place under the Funding Scheme “Supporting New Women Entrepreneurs”, which is implemented under the Structural Funds of Cyprus. Since then the company has managed to obtain more than 6.3mln EUR in EU funding for its clients. The company employs several expert business consultants, with long-term experience in the submission of proposals and the implementation of projects. GrantXpert Consulting has established a track record for successful applications to many European programs, as each employee specialises in specific funding opportunities. The company employees expert consultants on EU funding and also collaborates with several expert grant writers from Cyprus and across Europe on a project basis

IMH [WEB FORMAT 300X250].png

IMH is the largest business knowledge and information transfer organisation in Cyprus. Its services include the coordination and running of conferences, seminars and commercial exhibitions, specialist business media publishing and human resources consulting. Every year, IMH organises more than 110 conferences related to every sector of the market, commercial exhibitions and training seminars, and undertakes the entire process of five business award ceremonies. IMH publishes the only dedicated business magazines in Cyprus: the Greek language monthly IN Business and the English-language monthly Gold, which are read by tens of thousands of Cypriot and non-Cypriot professionals, managers and entrepreneurs. It also operates the magazines’ accompanying news portals, the IN Business Portal (, the GOLD Portal ( and the REPORTER ( ΙΜΗ also delivers via e-mail the IN Business Daily Newsletter, the GOLD News Daily Newsletter and the REPORTER Newsletter. The IMH Business Development Department bids for tenders published by local public sector bodies, the European Union and other international organisations. Through its activities, ΙΜΗ gives businesses a chance to develop, to network, to find new clients and business associates, to communicate with new audiences and discover growth opportunities.

University of Maribor

The University of Maribor (UM) is the second largest and the second oldest university in Slovenia, where approximately 15,000 students study at 17 different faculties. International Center for Ecoremediations (ERM Center) is a research center at the University of Maribor located at the Faculty of Arts. As an applicative research center and project office, ERM Center deals with sustainable regional development, natural resources management, circular economy, pollution and degradation prevention, climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental education and green job creation. The main aim of the ERM Center is the implementation of sustainable practices to increase environmental and social responsibility. In doing so, the ERM Center successfully collaborates with businesses, municipalities, development agencies, educational institutions and other partners on national, European and intercontinental level. Members of ERM Center were awarded with national prizes for social responsibility, best research and science communication and are also members of expert groups at the ministry for agriculture and ministry for education.

Πανεπιστήμιο Πατρών

The University of Patras (UPAT) is a public institution located in Patras, Achaia, Greece. It was founded in 1964 and comprises four campuses, 7 faculties and 35 departments. UPAT caters for a large number of sectors and counts 35 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate study programs. The main goal of UPAT is to create new knowledge through the promotion of top level scientific research. Therefore, the university is classified among 801–1000 in the QS World Ranking/Top Universities (2022). UPAT operates also 3 educational centers: Foreign Language Teaching Unit, Intercultural Education Centre, and Center of Vocational Training (CTV/UPAT). The CTV/UPAT runs various competitive programs including Continuing Training, EU initiatives, and programs for combating social exclusion in the labor market. As part of Faculty of Economics and Business, UPAT runs an undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral program in business administration which, besides education, facilitates the engagement between the academic community and the business leaders in the private, public, and non-profit sector and entrepreneurship.

Centre For Education And Entrepreneurship Support (CWEP), Poland

Centre For Education And Entrepreneurship Support (CWEP) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2004 by a group of entrepreneurs, teachers and social activists from Rzeszów, Poland. CWEP cooperates with businesses and educational institutions. The mission of CWEP is to increase the quality of education training at all levels and in all its forms, as well as to promote entrepreneurship in order to foster integration of any social group, regardless of their gender, age or ethnic origin. Particularly, the aims are to improve accessibility, quality and efficiency of education of all people, to promote and contribute to adult education, life-long learning, e-learning and the usage of new technologies in education and entrepreneurship. The Association works with many partners from Europe in order to strengthen the economic position of enterprises and provides on-line platforms for companies.

Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI)

Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the largest chambers of commerce in Greece as well as the largest independent networking and business support organisation in Crete. Representing the interests of approx. 22.000 members across all sectors of the economy, the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry offer its members a wide range of practical and professional advisory services. Even though HCCI is a public body established in 1918, the Chamber receives no subsidy from any governmental body, and it is financed entirely by its members’ contributions and fees along with community grants. The HCCI’s role is to act as an advisor and consultant to the general government for issues concerning commerce, industry and other issues promoting economic development. A high priority aim for the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the continuous improvement of the services it provides to its members while supporting their economic welfare.

COPA and Cogeca

Copa and Cogeca are the united voices of farmers and agri-cooperatives in the EU. Together, they ensure that EU agriculture is sustainable, innovative, and competitive while guaranteeing food security for 500 million people throughout Europe. Copa represents over 22 million farmers and their family members whilst Cogeca represents the interests of 22,000 agri-cooperatives. They, the European farmers and agri-cooperatives, strive to deliver the type of agricultural products that our citizens expect and demand, with market-oriented agriculture that provides the highest level of food safety, sustainability, plant and animal health, and welfare standards.

They farm for the EU and we hope the EU will feed our future too!


SkillLab's mission is to empower employment & career services with technology that creates equitable labor markets through the universal language of skills. SkillLab equips employment and career services with technology and support that identifies people’s unique skills to connect them to jobs and education. The impact is access to sustainable career pathways and improved livelihoods.

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